Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Warm hearts on a cold day!

Blackpool was covered in a blanket of snow and the thermometer had plunged to -8 on Saturday but the braveheart stallholders still turned out for the Chic and Unique Gift Fair at St John's Church, Church Street, Blackpool, writes Elizabeth Gomm
 RetroSpective, the organisers, offered all donations on the door to the Happy House and I spent the day rattling a bucket, helped by my son Rob. Baby Stevie's sponsor Hailey Aspinall ,her  sister Emma Fineman, and Andrea Manders ( who sponsors Natasha) and her daughter Ellena also gave along to give a hand for an hour or so during the day.  We also had a stall which did a brisk trade in chickens for the Happy House.
The door and stall sales raised  a total of £83.17 but it was about  more than money, as the event  gave us the chance to take the Happy House to a new audience and who knows where that could lead?
Thank you to everyone who supported us on the day and to RetroSpective for inviting us.