Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas is a comin.'

We can't believe it is Christmas Eve on Friday. Lynn McClusky is here with us, helping us to get ready. I have promoted her to Decorations Manager. The children are so excited, they had 3 trees trimmed in around 15 minuets! No bad say they have never seen a Christmas tree before. For Mwende it was all a bit too much. When she woke up after one and half hours she wondered whatever had happened around her! 
On Friday Malindi Casino are coming to bring the children a packed lunch and a present for each child. The children have been rehearsing songs and dances so we will do our Christmas show. On Christmas morning Santa will be coming, with two presents for each child. The children have asked for Chicken Pilau for lunch, it is their favourite, a friend of ours is baking buns. In the afternoon we are having a disco in the outside banda that Limvardy Rotary Club kindly build for us. At teatime the children will be having lots of different things to eat, then we have some new Christmas DVD's to watch. I am sure we will have full up, danced out happy, Happy House Kids.