Saturday, 9 January 2010

Happy House Progress

Things are moving along here,just that everything seems to take so long!
 We have ordered the the two water tanks needed, one for the well water to be used for washing, toilets and cleaning,and watering the gardens The other for fresh water for the kitchen and drinking. We still need to buy a generator to pump the water to where it is needed at a cost of £5,000. Such a lot of money! 
Dixon, our building contractor has submitted the forms needed to apply for the water connection, and Silas is meeting with the guy from the Electricity Board this morning so he can decide which package we need. We have to bear in mind that this is not as simple as it sounds, we have to pay for the poles and cables to be erected and the power brought to the Happy House from the nearest point available.
Still no news on the container being delivered, we will chase them yet again on Monday.
The volunteer scheme is being developed with the help of Sue & Ron Hayes and should be on the website later this week.
I know there is terrible snow in England at the moment, if it is any comfort it is pouring with rain here!!