Saturday, 30 January 2010

At Last!!

On Thursday amongst great excitment our first container finally arrived! What a relief. The Country Boy broke the seal, when opened it was packed to the doors with beds, bedding, children's clothes and medical equipement, lockers and storage racks etc etc. Everything has been donated.
Due to the raod being narrow the lorry was unable to get onto the Happy House land so we had to hire a truck and transfer everything from the container to the truck. We employed lots of local people to help, they had a great time. As always the Country Boy was team leader with everyone laughing and shouting encouragement to each other. The boys were racing to see who could work the fastest the ones inside the container or the ones on the truck.
So now we have started to arrange the children's bedrooms and sort the clothes out. Our next cotainer is due in Mombasa on Sunday and the third one on the 15th of February. Fingers crossed we have sorted all the problems out for delivery.