Thursday, 21 May 2009

Singleton Primary School

Sandra Foulkes the Headmistress of Singleton Primary School near Blackpool invited me to speak to the children. It is a small school with only 90 pupils As soon as I entered the school I could feel a lovely atmosphere.
Sandra has made two very bright and informative notice boards in the corrider with lots of information and pictures about the Happy House and the children who will eventually live there. All the children in school were very enthusiastic about sponsoring children and purchasing items from the Wish List. It was decided the school will sponsor 4 of the Happy House children and Sandra will also sponsor on a personel level. That was such fantastic news!! Sponsorship at the moment is helping us to furnish and finish the Happy House and as and when the children come 'home' they will be introduced to their sponsors via photographs and email.
Sandra has set the children a task for the school holidays to raise as much money as they can for the Happy House children. She has very kindly offered to match all the funds raised.