Thursday, 28 May 2009

Happy House Progress

The work on the Happy House is progressing well due to the fantastic support we are receiving from people who have arranged a monthly standing order to sponsor one of the Happy House Children. At the moment the money is being used to enable us to finish and furnish. When the building is complete and  the children come 'home' they will be introduced to their sponsor via email and pictures. I am going to ask all sponsors to write a letter to 'their 'child to say why they decided to sponsor, what it means to them and enclose pictures of them and their family. Regular updates will be sent to everyone. Sponsors will see their child grow to be a Happy healthy confident child who will hold their head high and be proud to say ' I'm a Happy House Kid '
A  memory box will be kept for each child. Those children who are too young to understand  that they have someone that cares the letters and photographs from their sponsor will be saved  until they can read for themselves that they are loved.
Please visit our Sponsored Child Scheme page for details if you  feel that you can save a child from a life of poverty and despair. If you are already sponsoring one of the children maybe you have a friend or relation who would also like to help.