Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Repair job a mission impossible

It's the rainy season in Watamu and with one washing machine in for repair, the second from our Happy House laundry has broken down. Any parent will know that sinking feeling when that the washer fails, so imagine how Mama Sue feels with 60 kids to keep clean and no washing machine!. And with the Happy House on lockdown because of the Coronavirus, ensuring everyone has clean clothes, clean towels and fresh bedding is even more important than it normally is. The Coronavirus lockdown has brought another problem, parts needed for repairs are imported and as ships are standing unloaded on the docks, there are no parts available and repairs are impossible. So Mama had no option but to dip into our much needed funds to spend £636 on a new machine and she has a second one on order, provisionally, in the hope that some of our very generous friends might help us to meet the cost. We will be so grateful for even the smallest donation toward this unexpected expense: You can make a donation via JustGiving or PayPal Thank you.