Friday, 7 February 2020

You can feel the love

The love of our Happy House family is its very foundation. It was built on love - that of Mama Sue, Papa Dave and of all those people who supported their dream to make it a reality. is the love that touches hearts of all those who visit as Malinda Rees and her sister Catherine Cooper discovered. Melinda is a manager at the luxury hotel, Hemingways in Watamu, and prior to that worked at Turtle Bay Hotel where she was the wedding coordinator. It was she who helped plan a wonderful wedding for Fiona Lockyer and her late husband, Fiona , volunteering at Happy House, was delighted to meet up with Melinda again and to meet her sister Catherine, who is on holiday from Australia where she works as a midwife and where her daughter, Kate, is in training. They visited the Happy House for the first time and where shown around by Papa Dave - our Number 1 tour guide! Fiona introduces the video.