Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Welcome Brenda and Red

 There  was the warmest welcome awaiting our fabulous old friends, Brenda and Red Groves when they arrived at Happy House.
Mama Sue and Papa Dave and all the family assembled to greet Brenda and Red who had travelled from their home in Wantage, UK.
And there was a party in their honour too with entertainment by the children, dancing, cake and apple bobbing
Brenda and red have been visiting Watamu for many years and first met Mama when she was starting her work with the local community .
They sponsored children in the school which  Mama helped to grow and develop and when it was ready to stand on its own feet and she was embarking on her Happy House project they continued to support her work.
They sponsor Charity and Emmanuel while their granddaughter, Chloe., sponsors Said and Brenda's brother, Terry, sponsors Brian Hayward and Lovine.
All the children know Auntie Brenda and Uncle Red and were excited to know they were coming back to see them.