Wednesday, 20 September 2017

School Report: Wake up results

 There was great excitement at  Happy House School as the results for the third term wake-up exam were officially released in the presence of Mama Sue, Papa Dave and Uncle Ronald, reports Mr Moshe.
Students did well and were congratulated, and class trophies were awarded.
Class Four (left) emerged the best class in upper primary.
Classes six, seven and one were all much improved on their previous performance.
Class two (right) received the trophy for the best class in lower primary and were thrilled.
Classes six, seven and one were all much improved on their previous performance but class seven (below left)  was awarded the trophy for the most improved.
Pastoral care
Every Friday, after assembly, when pupils are assembled in the banda we concentrate on pastoral care and moulding our family holistically.
There is a reading from the bible with guidance and counsel given using the reading as the theme.
This is a special time for students and staff.

Wish listIf anyone is travelling to visit Watamu and Happy House in the weeks leading up to our family Christmas on December 11 and would like to take something for our kids, Mama has a most wanted list.
The following items are badly needed and would be very much appreciated:  Girls' knickers and boys underpants aged 1-5; leeggings for the girls, aged 12-15 years; tee shirt for boys 10-15 years. 
We are grateful for anything, any colour and size as we always have someone it will fit! We also need school bags, and croc-type shoes.