Monday, 17 May 2010

New Shoes

On Saturday I had to go to Malindi a 45 mile round trip to get new school shoes for 14 of the children.As we only have the car I had to make two trips. Tim Jones & George Palmer who are out here volunteering at Gede Secondary School and have also been a tremendous help at the Happy House came with us. The children sang all the way there and back. Oscar pictured here on the far left was definitely the choir master.
We desperately need a mini bus it is becoming more and more impossible to get the children around. For school we are relying on Tuk Tuk's which are unreliable and not always as safe as I would like them to be for our children, but we don't have any other means of getting the children to school, it is too far for the little ones to walk, especially now as the weather is very unpredictable. When the rain comes it is  torrential.
If anyone has any ideas how we can raise the £8,000 needed please let me know......soon