Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lynn McCluskey Arrives at the Happy House

I was delighted when Lynn asked if she could come out to Watamu and volunteer to help with the Happy House Kids. This is what she has to say.
I raised £650 for the Happy House project by ' Swimming a Mile to Make a Child Smile' , so I was really pleased to arrive in Watamu and hand over the money in person to Sue and her kids. I'm volunteering at the Happy House for 3 weeks to help Sue and everyone with this wonderful, amazing but exhausting experience!! Volunteers are going to be a vital life line for Sue and the Happy House. There is so much to do running a home for lots of  children , but I can honestly say anyone who does volunteer will find it's the most rewarding work they ever do. I know it has changed my life forever. Although learning all the children's names has been an undertaking for someone who was know for being bad at names. But the children are a delight and are so very happy. I'm amazed at how quickly they are settling into their beautiful new home. The hardest part for me is yet to come, saying good bye to Sue & the Happy House Kids !!!