Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Chichester High School for Girls

I received an email from Jayne Davidson at Chichester Girls High School with the great news that they were planning to support the Happy House. This is what Jayne had to say.
Year 7 at Chichester High School for Girls worked together
to raise money for the Children of Watamu. We decided to
support this charity following the visit of one of our
pupils to Kenya. Alicia produced a powerpoint to show the
rest of Year 7 in assembly which left a few of us feeling
very emotional and understanding why this was such a good
We designated two of our non school uniform days to this,
with pupils making a donation in order to wear their own
clothes. Each form then chose another way to raise some
money such as washing the cars of the staff ( which was very
popular), running a table top sale and performing a dance.

We managed to raise almost £450. As Head of Year 7 I was
extremely proud of every one of the girls and very thankful
for the support of their form tutors.It is always good to
remember that what we may take for granted is an unecessary
luxury for others.
Mrs Davidson
Head of Learning and Transition Yr7
Thank you to all concerned your help is greatly needed and truly appreciated,
Sue & The Children