Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Clear Blue Skies Group S.L. Estate Agents Tenerife

Dave & I have had an apartment in Tenerife for quite a few years and as part of our plan to move to Watamu permanently decided to put it on the market. As we all know things are not selling, but due the professionalism of Paul Stokes and the team at Clear Blue Skies the sale went through without a hitch in two weeks.
Alan, Paul's father in law, who is also very involved in the business has been looking for a charity to support and I am delighted say after talking things through with myself and Dave, Alan has  decided on The Children of Watamu. Alan, kindly donated 3,450 Euros that has been raised by the staff. The money has been used to buy equipment for the medical room in the Happy House. Many of you will remember how sad we all were when Tenti  died last year aged 7, I have decided to call the medical room
 ' Tenti's Place '  in memory of him. We must prevent more children dying unnecessarily and with the help of the management and staff of Clear Blue Skies this is what we will achieve.
This is an extract from an email Alan sent to the staff.
  The Big Clear Blue Challenge                         children Of Watamu
As you are probably aware, we gave 3450 Euros recently to the charity Children of Watamu, collected by us through our contribution after each deal. We have decided to adopt this charity as our nominated charity for 2009 / 2010 and on your behalf, I have accepted a challenge on your behalf to raise 10,000 Euros to provide them with a minibus, by 4th July 2010.
Already through our 100 Euros per deal contribution, we have allocated nearly 2000 Euros, and I expect we will raise several thousand more by the time we get to next July, however if we are to meet the challenge, we will have to raise at least 5000 Euros through other methods. So thinking caps on, begging bowls out, and let's meet the challenge
Thank you to all of you at Clear Blue Skies for caring about the Happy House Kids