Friday, 17 July 2009

Lytham High School are Travelling Home Today

I know there will be many sad faces today as the treachers and students from Lytham High School leave Watamu for Mombassa Airport on the first stage of their journey home.
What a fantastic two weeks it has been for my children and teachers,  also the teachers and students from Lytham. It has been a very caring sharing experience for all concerned. Lytham brought a laboratory and 10 keyboards.They introduced our children to many aspects of  music, science,  drama,  art, sport and design. Our children gave them a welcome second to none, and amazed everyone by being so bright and eager to learn.Laughter music and singing could be heard everywhere.
The picture shows the students and teachers visiting the Happy House, they were amazed how much has been achieved, and I know they are travelling home with intentions of sponsoring Happy House children and of course returning to Watamu.
Thank you all for being there your help and support is greatly needed and truly appreciated.