Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Happy House Garden

The sun doesn't always shine in Watamu. At the moment the rain is very heavy. It's hard for the children walking or riding their bikes to school. In the morning the rain is at it's heaviest, it then clears for a few hours and returns with a vengance later in the day.
One good thing is that everyone who has even the smallest peice of land has planted crops, and now that the rain has started everything is growing very fast. The main crop being maize. The Happy House garden is growing well with maize, melons, cabbages, tomatoes, and fruit trees. The food grown now is being used to subsidse lunches at school.
Magic the Fun base manager from Turtle Bay Beach Club gave me two turkeys and four ducks in February. Good news!! One of  the ducks has laid two eggs and the turkey three. New life is growing at the Happy House, waiting for the children to come home.