Monday, 27 April 2009

Children Caring for Children

We have 700 children now safe in our schools receiving a good education, which is the road out of poverty.

What about the others who are in and around Watamu just wandering around homeless, hopeless, and very vulnerable? They try desperately to take care of each other.

Please help us to give a future to these children, help us to finish the Happy House. It will be a home where they will be a family with security and love. We need you help.

Not only do we have to build the Happy House we need to equip it for 100 children from birth to whatever the age of children who need our help and support. These children will need beds and linen, cups, plates, everything that your children need in your home. We need cookers, fridges, washing machines, water boilers, irons, and so much more.
Please set up a monthly standing order for £10 or £20 it will help us to buy everything needed for one child. When the
Happy House is up and running the monthly donation will then be used to provide the day to day needs of the child who you will be introduced to through pictures and email. Regular updates will be sent of the child that you are saving from a life of poverty and despair. You will see your child grow to be a Happy healthy confident child who will hold their head high and be so proud to say ‘I am a Happy House Kid ‘
The monthly payment can be made here on the site via
Justgiving. or by a monthly standing order from your bank. A form for the bank can be obtained via email from Sue who can also give you lots more information regarding your sponsorship. Please visit our Wish List you may wish to sponsor a child as a present for a loved one.